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Why should you choose a bilingual copywriter?

If you wish to attract an international clientele and reach a new audience, a bilingual copywriter is your best ally.

This professional translates your marketing content (website, brochures, advertisements, etc.) while respecting the cultural nuances of the origin country and the destination country to maintain the effectiveness of your commercial message. Discover all the benefits of working with a bilingual copywriter in this article.

Why work with a bilingual copywriter?

Working with a bilingual copywriter has many benefits for companies that are considering internationalizing their activities:

  • It streamlines the internationalization process, as one person can take charge of the entire text content creation, whether in French or English.
  • It reduces the costs related to translation, as the copywriter can write in both languages directly.
  • It guarantees the respect of their brand voice in all the languages used.
  • It reduces the risks of a literal and inappropriate translation to the target culture, as the bilingual copywriter is familiar with both the source and target cultures.
  • It prevents the risks of a loss of meaning between the source and target text.

Why offer a website in multiple languages?

Creating a multilingual website offers many benefits, including:

  • Increased visibility: a website published in one or several foreign languages can increase the visibility of the company to a non-English-speaking audience. A multilingual site is essential for all companies that wish to market their products abroad. This is particularly important for companies that sell world-renowned US products consumed by a clientele that does not speak English.
  • Increased sales: creating a website in French or other languages allows you to extend your market beyond American borders and increase your catchment area and sales.
  • Improved user experience: by translating your website into French, you offer a better user experience to both foreigners residing in the US and to users established abroad. They can more easily navigate your site and find the information they need.

Furthermore, some countries require companies to provide their commercial content in the national language. This applies, specifically, to product descriptions, terms and conditions, etc.

A bilingual copywriter, for which companies?

Many companies can benefit from the services of a bilingual copywriter. This is particularly the case for international companies already established abroad. They require multilingual content for their site and advertising campaigns, but also for their internal communications.

Moreover, any company that sells services, software, or products in different countries must create content in French or other foreign languages. All contents aimed at prospective customers (product descriptions, software installation guides, brochures, etc.) should be translated in more than one language.

Finally, companies active in the tourism and travel industry can increase their visibility and reach an international clientele through the creation of a multilingual website.

What are the services of a bilingual copywriter?

As a bilingual copywriter, I can offer you a variety of services to help you achieve your marketing goals in French- and English-speaking markets, including:

  • Writing copy and optimized content in French and English for your website, social media, and advertising materials;
  • Translating content;
  • SEO translation of articles and static pages on your website;
  • Transcreation of promotional content to adapt to the target market;
  • Support in creating a consistent brand voice in English and French;
  • Support in developing a multilingual content strategy.

With a bilingual copywriter, you improve your visibility and reach a wider audience. Don’t wait to expand your business internationally and increase your sales.

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