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High bounce rate : 4 main reasons

Bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website within the first 10 seconds or after browsing only one page. A high bounce rate is bad for business because these bounced visitors are your potential customers.

As you already know, customers are the lifeline of any business. Without them, your business won’t survive. Because of this, it pays to know why visitors are exiting your site without further interaction, so you can fix the problem and save your business. Here are 4 possible reasons why you’re getting a high bounce rate.

An unpleasant website

A professionally designed site with the right layout, color scheme, contrast, and topography will make a good impression on visitors and make them want to interact longer with its content, while a poorly designed site loaded with advertisements will drive them away immediately.

So, if you’re getting a high bounce rate, there’s a high possibility that your site sucks. You should seriously consider hiring a professional website designer to work on your site to make it look professional and easy on the eyes.

Mismatch in expectations

Another possible reason why visitors may be leaving as soon as they land on your website is a mismatch in expectations. It simply means that your site is talking about something different from what your visitors expected to find there.

For instance, if you’ve advertised for a specific product and linked that ad to a generic page not related to that product, potential customers arriving on your site are likely to leave immediately because they won’t find the exact product they’re looking for.

Matching your web visitor expectations is key if you want them to come and stay on your site.

No call-to-action

When visitors land on your site, they expect you to tell them clearly what to do next after consuming your content. For instance, if you have a blog, you can have a call-to-action (CTA) asking them to subscribe for blog updates.

Similarly, if you’re a professional plumber with a business website, you can have a CTA asking potential customers to call you for a free quotation if they have any plumbing problems.

If you fail to include a clear CTA, your visitors will leave without interacting with your site leading to a high bounce rate.

Too many call-to-actions or links

Lastly, if you have countless call-to-actions and links on your site all competing for your visitors’ attention, it can drive them away too.

Some people get confused and anxious when they have too many options to choose from. That kind of feeling can push them to seek a better user experience from competitor sites, leading to a high bounce rate.

To conclude, these are some of the factors that can cause your website bounce rate to be high. However, with continuous testing of different elements on your site, you’ll find out what works best for your target audience, so you can make them stay longer.